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The unique experience gained in the aviation engines, allows AESTC «Soyuz» develop a wide range of gas-turbine plants in various power ranges. In gas-turbine plants AESTC «Soyuz» applied unique design solutions and technologies, many of which are protected by Russian and international patents. AESTC «Soyuz» performs a service support gas-turbine plants throughout the life cycle.

Through the use of gas-turbine installations AESTC «Soyuz», our clients are solve specific tasks. Our experience in the development of gas-turbine engines allows refine gas-turbine engines and power plants based on them, under the individual needs of customers. For more information about gas-turbine engines AESTC «Soyuz» and power plants, based on them, you can get from our experts.


Currently AESTC «Soyuz» is finishing gas-turbine engine GTP-30-300 with a power on turbine shaft Ne = 30,5 MW and electrical efficiency of 36%. Gas-turbine engine used in the composition of gas-turbine power plant GTP-30-300, created by order of Moscow Government under the Integrated Programme of industrial activity in the city of Moscow.

The utilization ratio of heat fuel of this gas-turbine power plant in cogeneration cycle is 85.6%. The gas-turbine engine GTP-30-300 is based on the turbofan engine R79V-300, which established a new low-pressure compressor with greater pressure. The resource of the gas-turbine engine is 100 000 hours.

In the gas-turbine engines is used water injection in a combustion chamber.


Technical Data
Power rating/peak power 30/33 MW
Electrical efficiency 36%
Utilization ratio of heat fuel 85,6%
Fuel rate (natural gas, Hu=50056 kilojoules/kg), 6030 kg/h
Pressure ratio 22,1
Air mass flow 99,3 kg/s
Shaft speed 3000 RPM
Gas temperature at the outlet from free power turbine 775 Ê
Resource 100000 h
Overhaul resource 25000 h

The gas-turbine plant GTP-0,5-300 without recuperator has electric efficiency - 24% and the utilization ratio of heat fuel - 82%. The power rating of this GTP is 0.62 MW.



Unconditional advantage of this setup is its mobility. The dimensions of this gas-turbine plant allow to move it all types of transportation, plant does not require costly training area, so it is possible widespread use in gas and oil fields, for housing and communal facilities, small enterprises, as well as the railways.

The gas-turbine plant GTP-0,25-300 is equipped heat recuperator, its electric efficiency - 32%. When heat is recycling, electrical power GTP - 240 kW, and utilization ratio of heat fuel - 75%. The demonstrator of this gas-turbine engine in June 2007 was successful bench tested.


Technical Data
Power rating 0,25 MW
Electrical efficiency 32%
Utilization ratio of heat fuel 75/80%
Fuel rate (natural gas, Hu=50056 kilojoules/kg), 57 kg/h
Heat power 0.35 MW/0,3 Gcal/h
Gas temperature at the outlet 260-300 Ñ
From 0% to 100% power 60 sec
Dimensions of GTP h/l/w 2.2m/5m/2.35m
Resource 60000 h
Overhaul resource 15000 h
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