Aero-engine Scientific and Technical
Complex Soyuz

Since the foundation AESTC Soyuz is famous for its rich intellectual and scientific potential and gained unique experience. The best assessment of our achievements - recognition and popularity colleagues in the circle of specialists, both in Russia and abroad.

The successful development of the enterprises directly dependent on the influx of young professionals, because the rich gained experience in synergy with fresh ideas and energy of young professionals, allow seek the highest results and create a truly unique engineering solutions.

We have developed a special programme aimed at attracting, supporting and development of young professionals. In it, we paid special attention to today's needs, values and philosophy of the younger generation. This programme, together with good corporate culture and tradition, creates the most comfortable conditions for success and realizing the potential of young and more experienced staff.

Staff - the most important value of our company. For young professionals, graduates and graduate students leading technical universities, we offer:

  • Work as a team with a unique scientific and intellectual potential and rich experience
  • The ability to be involved in a unique discoveries and inventions
  • Competitive compensation
  • Lack of a probationary period for graduates of profile universities
  • Special programs for professional evolution
  • Ability to self-actualization
  • The good corporate culture and traditions

Phone staff office: +7 (499) 766-81-49

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